Your Roof Is Critical to Your Home's Safety

Hire a roofing company based in Alpharetta & Atlanta, GA to keep it strong

Your roof is your home's first line of defense against environmental hazards. Without it, your home is vulnerable to severe weather damage, safety hazards and even pests. That's why you need to hire a highly qualified roofing company when your roof needs repairs.

Trust Emergency Roofing Solutions with the job. We offer 24/7 roofing services to both residential and commercial clients within a 120-mile radius of Alpharetta & Atlanta, GA. We'll make sure your roof stays strong for years to come. Call 404-474-4222 now to speak with our contractors.

Our team is here for you

When you work with Emergency Roofing Solutions, you're not just getting a well-qualified roofing company. You're getting a top-notch team who is always on your side. You'll appreciate that we...

Work directly with insurance adjusters to advocate for you

Follow up after the job is done to make sure you're satisfied with the results

Provide full cleanup services after each job

Our number one priority is client satisfaction. You'll feel relieved knowing we've got your back with any roofing issues you encounter.