Step by Step

Insurance Process

1. An insurance claim specialist will come to inspect the property for potential storm damage.

2. lf damage is found, we will walk you though the process of submitting the claim in to the insurance company. The insurance company will set a date for an adjuster to come out and assess the damage.

3. We will meet the adjuster from your insurance company at your property to be sure all damages are assessed and that allowances are made to properly repair all damages.

4. Once all repairs are complete, We will file for depreciation and any remaining money owed on the claim to be released from the insurance company to the insured.

5. Once the job is complete and paid in full, Emergency Roofing Solutions will provide all warranty information and a final invoice to the homeowner.

Emergency Roofing Solutions can eliminate a lot of frustration in dealing with your insurance claim. We put the pressure back on your insurance company by furnishing a professional revision.

Your consultant will work with your insurance company on an open claim basis.

We will document the damage, prepare, or revise our existing estimate and present it to your adjuster, and explain all the items that were missed to your adjuster.