Questions you may have before you give us a call:

What if my roof is too old and they will not pay for it to be replaced?
95% of homeowners carry full replacement coverage, which means that the age of your existing roof is irrelevant. If it has damage, then it has damage. It is a simple as that. However, the age often affects when they will pay it, but that does not matter to a reputable contractor such as Emergency Roofing Solutions. 

How long will this process take?
From the day that we file the claim for you, until the day you receive your check from the insurance company is about 2 weeks. Once we receive your insurance paperwork, color choice and shingle type, we will have materials at your property within 2-5 days. In most cases, your roof will take one day to build.

I'm concerned that if you build my roof in one day, it won't be quality work.
All our crews are licensed, insured, and bonded. They are trained by Emergency Roofing Solutions and have strict guidelines which they must adhere to. We also guarantee all our work with a warranty which is shown in the contract.

What if there are aspects of the job that Emergency Roofing Solutions can't do?
Although Emergency Roofing Solutions is a full-service general contractor for exteriors, there could be portions of the project we do not specialize in. These often include: awnings, A/C units, electrical work, power-washing, shutters, and screens. Your insurance estimate will outline the dollar amount for each of these and we only take the portion of the money where we have performed the work.

What is my out-of-pocket cost as the homeowner?
The only cost to you is your deductible and any upgrades you choose. However, the more your insurance company allows for your roof, the less your upgrades will cost. In the unfortunate event that your claim is denied, you owe us nothing and the agreement with Emergency Roofing Solutions is void.

Does your company use toe-boards when installing roofs?
Toe-boards are 2x4 's that are nailed into the roof for crews to stand on while installing the roof. This will put holes in your shingles and plywood and will cause leaks in the future. Our crews, on the other hand, use ropes and kneeling cushions to prevent any damage to your shingles and plywood.

Will my insurance premium increase, or worse will they cancel my policy?
A hailstorm is an "Act of God': and is out of your control. We have yet to come across a situation where a homeowner has been cancelled due to a hail claim. You will want to check with your insurance company to see if you have a "no claim discount': because you will probably lose your discount.